Photos 2017-2
July 2017 - December 2017 | Last photos on top

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The short life of a snowman
Curved house
Defying the wind in a gentle way
The super clean analyzer machine
Construction lamp
Reaching for the sky
Skinny twigs
Half-grown trees rising up
Real estate 26
The construction of a new residential district
Pine trees
Prickles from an unlit wood
Minimal 43
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Raised tree
Placing oneself on a pedestal
Abandoned trucks
Empty hull on border of road
Bare tree
Lone silhouette against gray sky
Dusty job must be done
Patchwork revisited
Repurposed factory in white
Cheap cam out of balance
Wacky windows and a yellow sunshade
Soft house - Coloured
Cheap cam meets vintage mansion

Hazy landscape
Silent moorland covered in snow
Soft house
Cheap cam meets vintage mansion
Fire escape 3
A simple two-stage descend
Majestic mansion
Well conserved lodgment in the open
Yellow door 3
Guarded by weeds
Real estate 25
The construction of a new residential district
Yellow airco
Spoiled view with anomalous protrusion
Artco slides
Tourist attractions in South Africa

Yellow door 2
Hardly accessible and seldom used
Archives - Newsreader
Bill Clinton in East Europe
Unused gate 2
Spare entrance rusting away
Archives - Bush Sr.
An unappreciated portrait
Yellow annex
House with yellow annex surrounded by weeds
Archives - Camper
Spooky scene with camper in crater
Yellow door 1
Old style entrance redesigned
Archives - Unknown portrait
Every person is a puzzle

Yellow landscape
Hostile environment with steel stakes
Minimal 42
Bicycle stands
Fire escape 2
Modeled after a DNA strand
Minimal 41
Chained fence
Empty stacks of racks and crates
Sports hall
Untidy sports hall needs clean up
Containers in backyards and remote places
Abstract 21
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For transport of materials
Man-made cavern
Annexed empty space exposed
Pile of tubes
Waiting to be put in service
Real estate 24
The construction of a new residential district
Landscape transformed
Digging up the soil
Real estate 23
The construction of a new residential district
Thrift store revisited
Funky stuff for resale
Abstract 17
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Unattended weathered surface
Quiet lodging
A sound and simple apartment complex
Crumbled walls
Desolate plane with rubble and snail tracks
Long haul
Extravagant entrance measured out
Gray granules
Rubble covered in moss
White triad
Research centre in spacious environment
Muddled mural
Fish and a happy jester
Still-life 33
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White boxes