Photos 2018-1
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Sports hall besieged by climbing plants
Elevator revisited
With details of the construction
Black bricks
A new school for the kids

ID code on a lamp post
Garage storage
The things you don't need
Micro water management
Fibrous front
Hatching sun shades all around
Time travel
Instant capture of mood
Ventilated door 5
Symmetrical facility with small Cristmas tree
Organic interference
Mixed reality with fuzzy trees
Ventilated factory
Two vents and a ladder

Spoiled place
Neglected grounds with defunct gate
Made Art No Buz Kat
Item SPKAT012007BU2001
Wired door
Provisional entrance in a fence
Food for thought 4
The construction of a new research centre
Cubic building on a campus
Food for thought 3
The construction of a new research centre
Dull gnome burg
Pseudo retro post modern mix
Real estate 29
The construction of a new residential district

Triple door
Chaos theory explained
Container wall
Ribs rubbing shadows
Triple tree
Besieged by climbing plants
Container covered in mould
Minimal construction for temporary use
Container Vault
Hidden treasuries behind bars
Decorated door
Odd stripes to make you dizzy
Container numerals
Volume and weight deciphered

Broken concrete
Still life with concrete slabs
Abstract 25
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Boarded up
In preparation of being finished
Container herd
Gathered to feed on waste
Yellow drapes
Monotone windows brightened up
Real estate 28
The construction of a new residential district
Yellow door 4
Dark clouds and sparse light
Real estate 27
The construction of a new residential district

Light switch
Geometric composition with missing corner
Container love
I stare at your solid locks
Talking to the delivery service
Container 9716
Artifact with character
Still life with bananas
Collection of unlikely stuff
Ventilated door 4
White wall with holes
Rained out gallery
Dampness far and wide
Ventilated door 3
White wall with grids

Plenty of water
Raising fences on drowned land
Ventilated door 2
Anonymous facilities tucked away
Solar house revisited
Housing put upright in a muddy place
Ventilated door 1
Air conditioner noise pollution
Big Volvo
Traversing mud and moisture
Food for thought 2
The construction of a new research centre
Flooded landscape
Getting into low water
Food for thought 1
The construction of a new research centre