Photos 2017-1
January 2017 - June 2017 | Last photos on top

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A down to earth constellation
Real Estate 22
The construction of a new residential district
Living quarters
Quiet lodgement on a campus
Minimal 40
Uncompleted door
Student housing
Finally coming to life
Minimal 39
Wooden blinds
Trimmed trees
Starting all over again
Landscape with cars
Hidden in plain sight

Concrete seat
Edged out schoolyard terrace
Steel pipes
Straight from the factory
Small scale urban geology
Lofty booth
Viewing the world from a distance
Sunny surface
Moonscape with folded cardboard
Real Estate 21
The construction of a new residential district
Broken-up road
From order to chaos in three seconds
Real Estate 20
The construction of a new residential district

Spoiled design
Side entrance obstructed by containers
Minimal 35
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Cardboard scrap
Sorting gravel
Depot with containers and a hopper
Bus station with waiting passengers
Multi collision
Too big for a container
Minimal 34
Armoured door
Hospital refuse
Waste containers everywhere
Minimal 33
Patched door

Trees on Trespa
Organic form hits cool wall
Archives - David Byrne
She's Mad
Pollard willow
Shaped by the human hand
Real Estate 19
The construction of a new residential district
Frugal wood
Bare trees hugging together
Archives - Santos-Dumont
Aviation pioneer
Still life with Rubson canister and wood refuse
Abstract 13
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Thrift store
Funky stuff for resale
Old style
Another district renewed
Empty shop 4 revisited
With workers' lunchroom on display
Still-life 29
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Household refuse
Waste containers everywhere
Wood sticks
Pick-up sticks in the wild
Dump 5
Pile of smashed concrete
Real Estate 18
The construction of a new residential district

Dump 4
Busted factory equipment
Real Estate 17
The construction of a new residential district
Dump 3
Bunch of empty cans
Neglected willow
In need for a haircut
Dump 2
Burnt out firecrackers
Neglected gate
Overgrown by wild vegetation
Dump 1
Broken tiles and washbasins
Solar house
Piece of cake with solar panels

Parking lot
New parking lot under construction
The beauty of numbers exposed
Containers everywhere
Charming houses surrounded by containers
Minimal 32
Perforated panel II
Discarded by the owner
Minimal 31
Perforated panel I
A building set for grown-ups
Archives - Portraits
Weightlifting Olympic Games 1992

Serial cube
A simple building with all sides square
Still-life 25
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Black cube
Rainy road
Landscape with streaks of light
Tower crane
Attending transport from the sky
Design and disarray
Abstract 9
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Mixed realities
Environment with trees and discontinuities
Real Estate 16
The construction of a new residential district