Photos 2018-2
July 2018 - December 2018 | Last photos on top

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Unused gate 3
Empty parking place with blue fence
Lost Tetra Brik
Provisional garbage can deployed
Desolate plot
Finding an empty parking place
Perforated panel III
Ventilation grid in a wall
Reflected trees
Transient reality captured at once
Wonky wall
Exposing less professional craftsmanship
Fire brigade garage
Rollable doors on a row
Lost bottle
Sad day for a drunk

Striped garage
Too perfect for this world
Tied up
Buttressed window holding a hose
Old garage
Retreated into green leaves
Abstract 37
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More garage storage
A universal booth for organizing stuff
Parking lot
A silent place where nothing moves
Container craze 4
Static containers in their environment
One way road
Please follow this sign

Container craze 3
Static containers in their environment
Dead end street
With entrance to house number 31A
Green doors
Sparsely lit souterrain with storerooms
Small shops
On the verge of extinction
Container love 2
Romantic encounter around the corner
Tile wall
Also useful as a sundial
Container craze 2
Static containers in their environment
Side entrance 4
From a deteriorating sports hall

Temporary stairs
Zig-zag patterns with poles
Side entrance 3
From a local warehouse
Blobby container in park
Satellite disk
High above disturbing bustle
Bits and pieces
Close up of a construction elevator
Abstract 33
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Balancing act
Spacious entry in brick
Food for thought 6
The construction of a new research centre

Cosy cabin
First aid post made comfortable
Food for thought 5
The construction of a new research centre
Yellow silo
Cementing a building project
Litter bins
Overfilled with household refuse
Chaos theory explained
Wild Pig
Vin De Pays D'Oc Chardonnay
Evacuation assembly point
Temporary setup with barracks
Nur Heben Nicht Ziehen
Item XCN 4144 M

Container craze 1
Static containers in their environment
Lost bear
Sad day for a child
Playing field with flower pots
Abstract 29
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Sports hall besieged by climbing plants
Hesling Art No Canvas Bag
Item 20036001
Elevator revisited
With details of the construction
Black bricks
A new school for the kids